Workshop: Creative Writing!

Oh yes, it is true… you can stop making excuses!

Starting 2015 we will offer you the workshop ‘creative writing‘, in collaboration with ‘Midden-Limburgse Volksuniversiteit’.
Content:   12 sessions of 2 hours
Price:        € 182,-
Location:  Weert (Limburg, The Netherlands)

NOTE: there must be at least 8 participants to sign up the workshop.

Interested? Of course you are!
Feel free to sign up so we can keep you informed with regard to the details.
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Coming soon…

‘Doe mij maar diabetes’ by Loes Heijmans-Beek

Bullseye Publishing can proudly add another title to her list (March 2015).
The book is written in Dutch, and it is called ‘Doe mij maar diabetes’.
It is a book about (life) challenges, dreams, fears, frustrations and real love.
The book is written by Loes Heijmans-Beek (1983) and describes her life from the moment she got the diagnosis diabetes on 28 January 2004. A day that changed her life.
In this book you’ll read how she handles and you will get a glimpse into her life.

Read the interview with Loes (Dutch):

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Let us introduce ourselves.
We are Bullseye Publishing, located in Weert (Limburg, The Netherlands).

We are producer and publisher of books by the printing on demand system.
However, unlike other providers, wé believe that everyone has a story to tell … and this should be able to do so!
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